Many companies use Zoom as their primary video conferencing solution.

By default, incident.io will recognise Zoom meeting URLs and prompt a user to set that as the incident call URL, aiming to surface the incident 'war room' for high-bandwidth discussion.

Having responders create a Zoom meeting whenever they start an incident might be best practice, but it's a pain and easily forgotten.

This guide explains how to install the incident.io Zoom app to get Zoom meetings created automatically when an incident is declared.

Installing the Zoom app

You can add Zoom to incident.io in just a few clicks. To get started, head over to the Integrations section of incident.io.

You should see a Zoom row with an "Add Zoom" button.


Clicking this button will take you to the Zoom Marketplace, where you'll be asked to sign-in and install the app.

Make sure you sign-in as a robot user in your organisations Zoom account, as this will be the user that is associated with the meetings we create. Using a personal Zoom account is possible, but might be confusing to see "Amy Frank from Marketing" as the meeting host each time!

Installing this app will authorise incident.io to:

  • View and manage meetings, so we can create meetings in this users name
  • View and manage recordings, so we can automatically record these meetings (should it be requested)
  • View user information, to help us identify the Zoom user and link them to their Slack identity for debugging of the integration
  • View user settings, to read password requirement settings

After agreeing to authorise the app, you'll be redirected back to the integrations page where Zoom should now show as installed:


Configuring auto-call

Now Zoom is installed, you can configure it as a provider for the auto-call settings.

Navigate to Settings > Automation, where you should see the "Automatically create incident call" controls.

Select Zoom as the provider and press save to activate the auto-call functionality:


With this configuration applied, incident.io will create a meeting whenever an incident is declared. The meeting link will be set to the incident's Call URL, display in the dashboard and anywhere the incident is mentioned.

We'll also message about the Zoom meeting in the incident channel, with an easy "Join Call" button:



Should you wish to uninstall the Zoom app, you can visit https://app.incident.io/api/zoom_uninstall which will revoke the existing credentials and clear any Zoom data from incident.io systems.


What account should I install the Zoom app into?

We recommend using a robot account intended to power automated Zoom services, as whoever we authorise against will be assigned as the Zoom meeting 'host'.

Everything will work if using a human account, but it might be confusing to imply a human created the meeting rather than a Zoom account called "incident.io bot", for example.