Sharing status updates

Sharing status updates

Good incident response is about good communication. Sharing updates regularly to keep your stakeholders and customers updated is a great practice to get into.

We built Incident Updates to make this easy. Updates are a lightweight way to keep people in the loop, and progress the state of an incident.

Adding an update

To create an update, type /incident update in an incident channel.

You'll be presented with a modal that asks if there's any changes with the severity or the status of the incident. You can change these if there's anything to update.

It's helpful to provide a short message to update people with what's going on — you can add that in the 'Can you share any more details' section.


Getting a reminder for your next update

It's great practice to provide updates on a regular schedule. Doing so creates trust with the people that you're communicating with. can help you with doing this.

Set 'When will you provide the next update' to a duration, and will come back and remind you when an update is due.

No need to remind yourself manually, or talk to Slackbot!


Sharing updates

We add updates to your timeline, so it's easy for others to see what's going on.


We're going to build Subscriptions to incidents, so we can automatically push out updates to the right people. Follow along here if you'd like to see more!