Managing Incident Actions

Managing Incident Actions

There are already fantastic tools for managing your development workflow, like Linear and Jira, However, we've found they're not quite what you need when you're looking for some fast lightweight coordination in the middle of an incident.

We don't want to build yet another TODO list app, but we do think there's something to be said for getting some things down "on paper" vs keeping it all in someone's head (usually that of the incident lead). This is particularly true when it comes to actions people are taking.

Actions are our answer - a small feature of to help you keep things organised.

Adding a new action

New actions can be added with a quick and simple /incident action Do a thing

When an action is created, we show an "I'm on it" button, which someone can use to quickly assign it to themselves.


Managing actions

You can quickly see all actions and who's doing what with /incident actions.

You can create, manage and assign your actions from here too.


Request an action owner

Sometimes an action can get lost in the midst of lots of things happening at once, but it's easy to nudge everyone - request an owner and we'll request someone takes a look and re-show the "I'm on it button" to make it trivial for them to claim it.


Follow Up Actions

Once you've had a postmortem and the heat of the incident is over, it's common to have a list of followup actions or remediations you want to carry out.

During the incident, you can mark actions as follow-ups if you don't need to complete them during the incident itself.


Reviewing Follow Up Actions

Many people we spoke to talked about how this often becomes a "stick it in an issue tracker and then inevitably forget about it" exercise. We help you avoid this.

There's a 'Follow-ups' page in the dashboard to help you keep on top of your outstanding follow-up actions.


Exporting Follow Up Actions

You can export actions from to a number of issue trackers. Whilst it's a fairly simple setup for now, in the near future we'll be introducing all sorts of convenient tools to help you stay on top of your incident actions.

Nudging for actions which haven't been completed, reporting on how long actions take to follow up on and introducing the ability to set SLAs depending on the urgency of the action are all things we are looking into.


Actions on the timeline

Every interaction with your incident actions appears on your incident timeline, too, so you can see exactly when something was flagged for investigation and who picked it up.